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What Are Dental Crowns And Tooth Bridges?
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What Are Dental Crowns And Tooth Bridges?

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A Crown can be described as a tooth like Shield surface and is used to be placed on a damaged tooth to cover it and enable the tooth to heal or regain its lost strength and size and people use the crowns basically to adapt a good look or smile which is lost by the damage caused by any kind of dental infection or bad bite kind of teeth harming incidents. The crowns are simply cemented hollow structures and are placed over a tooth which is damaged and is used to cover the whole visibly damaged area around the tooth till the boundary of gum , so the isolation of the damaged tooth provide by a covering help the tooth to heal from damage. Which is assisted by the medication or precautionary measures advised by the concerned dentist. A crown is used as a cover when there is a situation in which a single or more teeth are fractured or damaged. Crown provide a strong shield to separate the concerned tooth from external damage causing problems like bad bites, painful chewing activities. A crown is also used to provide protection to a tooth which has a cavity filling treatment or to give support and protection to a dental bridge. Some people are very cautious about having permanently bad colored teeth, in that case a crown is used to cover the apparent look if the teeth as these are made up of cemented white porcelain. 


There comes a situation in anyone’s life who is not cautious about a good oral hygiene or a loss of one or more teeth can result in the need of a dental bridge. It is a strategically equipment (Set of ceramic based teeth like structures) which is implanted among the teeth where a gap or free space is created by the incident of tooth removal or fallen tooth. A Dental bridge can fix that empty space and can serve a completely natural look to your teeth and smile. There are four types of dental bridges and implantation of each depend upon the prescription of the dentist after complete checkup of the problem you may be facing. The procedure of implanting a dental bridge cannot be considered surgical but dentist seldom apply general anesthesia on the allocated area where the treatment is being done. 


These treatments are beneficial to the concerned patients. This treatment concerning dental crowns and bridges can result in the form of cosmetic changes and bring you back a confidence of smiling once again. Treatments provided with dental crown and bridges helps to prevent you from a bad biting pain or DE shaping of the remaining teeth. 

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