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Ocular Astigmatism—causes And Treatment
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Ocular Astigmatism—causes And Treatment

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Astigmatism is an eye disease in which your eye or pupil is not round completely. The normal working of eye contains a perfectly round shaped pupil when it comes in contact with sunlight or usual light, the rays bend which then allows the person to look clearly and have a perfectly normal vision. In case of astigmatism your pupil is not round and is more like football shaped which does not allow the rays from the light bend equally in the eye. The rays bend more in one side of the eye which allows the person to look things clearly which at a hand distance. The things that are farther away appear to be wavy and blurry to the person who has astigmatism. It can also be the other way around, for example a person can see the things at distance properly but not the things that are near this condition is called myopia and is a type of astigmatism. There are many ocular astigmatism correction techniques. For an ophthalmologist or eye doctor it is easy to treat someone with astigmatism by giving them special glasses, lenses or contacts, and surgery.

Causes of astigmatism:

Mostly astigmatism is due to heredity reasons or people are simply born with it. The main reason behind why this condition takes place in human is yet to be found. You can also get astigmatism due to some eye injury, or due to an accident where your eyes get hurt. A wrong eye surgery can also cause astigmatism. A condition called keratoconus is also found to be the cause behind astigmatism. This condition causes your cornea to get cone-shaped and thinner which ultimately blurs your vision. But you can easily cure it by getting yourself eye view enhancer lenses.


Slight or not too severe astigmatism may not even need any treatment or just can be treated by putting on eye view enhancer. For chronic cases surgery is the option that is available.

Currently, these are the two treatments that are available for people with astigmatism.

  1. Correction lenses:

Your eye doctor after examining your case will provide you either with glasses or contact lenses. It will help the light bend in more direction hence giving you a clear vision. Gas-permeable lenses are given to the clients who have a more severe case they are more rigid and are basically used to reshape your eye in a perfect round shape.

  1. Refractive surgery:

Lasik and PRK are two types of surgeries that are used according to the severe case of the patient. They both are used to correct the shape of the pupil and allowing the patient to have a clear vision.

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