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Growth Of The Mobility Aids Market

Growth Of The Mobility Aids Market

Gone are the days when differently able people were treated differently. Now there is a global industry catering to their needs. The mobility aids market is growing and according to experts this global market is set to keep growing at an increased rate.

Technological advancements and medical research as increased the amount of devices being created to make differently able people move about and live in society as normal as possible. Not only is this catering to this market, the accident recovery market is also increasing with high demand for apparatuses such as forearm crutches and walkers that provide support and comfort. The demand is said to be increasing because the industry is moving away from a supply based model to a more demand based model. Five major products that are seeing a big demand and increase in supply is wheelchairs, rollators , stretches, walkers and crutches.

A popular mobility aid is the wheelchair, which is a chair mounted on wheels with the support of propellers. They are increasingly used in helping permanently disabled individuals and treating temporary illnesses. They are high in demand for places such as clinics, hospitals and in homecare situations. However the biggest seller for this industry comes in the home care segment, in which the elderly make use of it for day to day use. Both self and attendant propelled chairs are in demand for their effectiveness and low cost. They are also used in treating sports injuries as well.

Walkers are considered the most stable aide that can be used. They are waist high and come with a standing structure enabling the user to support his or her full weight. They are considered the second largest contributor to the market growth. With further developments the humble walker has moved on to its next stage which is called a medical knee scooter. These small wheeled units are built to support individuals with ankle or foot injuries. The crutch is the most widely known and the least costly device on the list. It is widely used by individuals who have injuries in the lower parts of their bodies. They are light weight and widely available therefore increasing its use and market penetration.

Prams or in other words commonly known as stretchers are another widely used medical devise to transfer patients. They have come a long way from the humble hand held device to the more advanced motorised, adjustable & bariatric devices we see today in hospitals. They are also driving the market as more and more hospitals are looking to patient comfort during transfer from one section to another within the hospital or care facilities.

The market is being driven with a high level of demand especially from the customer’s end, which is a boost for the industry. It is also pushing for more technologically advanced methods that will aid differently able people and patients in mobility.